About Us

At Dinky Screens, we want to show the world how easy it is to print professional quality at home, cheaply!

We have products for all abilities and offer a free bespoke service, where customers can create their own Dinky Screen with personal imagery. If you’re not an arty type, pick from our professional artists’ designs.

I am Selina, the creator of Dinky Screens; an artist and printmaker who wants to show the World how to screenprint! I have 11 years’ experience working in the textiles industry as an artist and teacher. I currently manage a print studio and want others to enjoy the experience and exciting outcomes you can achieve with print.

Our Products

Dinky Screen: Create Your Own, or use Vinyl

This is a good starting point for beginners that want to try screen printing at low cost. You can choose to have your own imagery or text, or start off with the vinyl stencils range where we provide the image for you.

If you’re a professional artist or business owner, this kit could also be for you! It’s great for logos or small designs that you use regularly, like logos!


Our Dinky Family range allows you to have creative fun with all the family! You will have hours of entertainment and an amazing item they can show off to their friends.

Kids love the opportunity to design their own t-shirt!

Remember all are Dinky water-based inks are machine washable once set with an iron. That’s the adult’s job!


Not So Dinky Range: Professional Range

Not so Dinky is our larger screen range, which is for anyone that wants to print on a larger scale.

All our silkscreens are aluminium and made to professional standard. Our screens can be bought blank or with an emulsion image of your choice placed on there, ready to print.

Our Guest Artist Range


Our artwork is produced by artists who are selected for their unique quality, styles, themes and subjects, which makes our collection unique and fun. Our artists share their designs with us, so you can produce your own masterpiece with their creation. These images can be applied to any screen size in photo emulsion.


This product is for personal use rather than mass production, unless stated. Please see terms and conditions.


We’d love you to share your creativity and show us what you have been up to with Dinky Screens products!


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.